The British Business Centre Pakistan (BBCP) through the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNI) provides head start Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) for UK Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) wanting to export or do business in the Pakistan market.

BCCP is in partnership with OBNI ensure that you will receive straight-forward and consistent services that adheres to international quality standards.

How the service works:

As a first point of contact, BCCP Senior Trade Advisor or a Sector Specialist will work with you on your export plan. The Advisor after capturing your requirements will provide you with a workplan for your review and acceptance. The Workplan details the deliverables, timeline, methodology and the quote or total cost to carry out the project.  

OMIS Work can include:

  • likelihood of success in the market and market entry strategies
  • business opportunities and identification of possible partners
  • advice on local conditions, including competitors, regulation and standards
  • advice on accessing and influencing decision makers
  • arrangements for a promotional event
  • The local experts will then discuss, develop and agree a quote. This can include:
  • pre-visit research and support
  • appointments with target customers or potential business partners or agents
  • organisation of receptions, meetings or seminars to present your product or services


Costs are based on the time required to deliver the work. For example, a short report identifying potential distributors can be delivered between £700 upwards. A very comprehensive piece of work, or a number of activities in different markets, will cost more.

Please note that OMIS rate will be dependent on the scope of work and the total number of hours required completing the deliverables.


UK companies, either based in the UK or with an overseas presence in Pakistan, can apply for the service. 

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