Aims: The purpose of this study was to correlate serum uric

Aims: The purpose of this study was to correlate serum uric acid (SUA) levels and carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). after further adjustment for potential confounders. Strong correlation was found among them as depicted by correlation coefficient (r = 0.779). Conclusions: Carotid atherosclerosis as measured by IMT is usually associated with SUA levels in patients with type 2 DM. 0.05 is considered statistically significant. RESULTS Our study included 103 diabetic patients with age group between 30 years and 65 years of age. The baseline characteristics of the patients Taxol supplier under study in mean or in percentage are shown in the Table 1. Table 1 Baseline features of the sufferers Open in another window The suggest age of the analysis patients was 54.5 8.4 years with 65% being men and 40.8% having history of HTN. When analyzed suggest the crystals levels among men was high in comparison to females, but had not been statistically significant (= 0.35). The sufferers were split into four quartiles predicated on the the crystals level. The baseline features and medical features of both genders according to the quartile are tabulated as provided in Desk 2. Table 2 Baseline features of sufferers in each quartile Open up in another home window Association between serum the crystals and carotid atherosclerosis The suggest of CIMT in each quartile is certainly calculated and tabulated [Desk 3]. A bar diagram comparing suggest CIMT in each quartile is certainly depicted in Body 1. A scatter plot was designed with SUA amounts on X-Axis and typical CIMT (Typical of the proper and still left CIMT) on Y-Axis [Body 2]. Taxol supplier Table 3 Mean carotid intima-mass media thickness in each the crystals quartile Open up in another window Open up in another window Figure 1 Bar diagram depicting suggest carotid intima-mass media thickness in each quartile Open up in another window Figure 2 Taxol supplier Scatter plot for the Serum The crystals and Ordinary carotid intima-mass media thickness Significant distinctions between these four quartiles had been discovered as analyzed by one-way ANOVA (= 0.001). A Tukey check uncovered that the CIMT was statistically considerably higher in the very first quartile (0.07396 0.0045) and 4th quartile (0.07396 0.0045) (= 0.001) when compared to 1st quartile (0.07396 0.0045) and 2nd quartile (0.07626 0.0058) (= 0.643). Multiple linear regression evaluation was performed with CIMT and the crystals, HTN, LDL-C, sex, waistline circumference, smoking cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages intake. HTN (= 0.003) and SUA (= 0.001) were found to be statistically significant [Table 4]. Desk 4 Linear regression evaluation of carotid intima-mass media thickness with various other variables Open up in another home window Pearson’s correlation evaluation was performed to get the correlation between SUA and CIMT. A solid correlation for CIMT with SUA was attained with correlation coefficient of = 0.779 (with = 0.001) that was statistically significant. Dialogue Our research is certainly a cross-sectional research, executed at a tertiary treatment middle. We enrolled 103 diabetics. It was discovered that there is a positive correlation between SUA amounts and CIMT, and therefore, to the carotid atherosclerosis. The sufferers were split into four quartiles, predicated on uric acid amounts and in comparison. The explanation for using quartiles of the crystals is certainly that in this descriptive research there are neither comparative groupings nor handles. The ideals of the crystals levels were nearly in the standard range and there have been only few sufferers with high the crystals levels. Therefore, quartiles predicated on uric acid amounts were computed in a way that the mean CIMT could be in comparison among quartiles to locate a correlation. It had been found Rabbit Polyclonal to BTK (phospho-Tyr223) that the mean CIMT in the last quartile (0.095 cm) was higher compared to the first quartile (0.074 cm) and this observation was statistically significant (= 0.001). The GREek Atorvastatin and Coronary heart disease Evaluation study,[6] and the Losartan Intervention for Endpoint reduction in HTN study[7] have shown the possible causal relationship between SUA and cardiovascular risks. In this study, 103 diabetic patients were studied in between the age groups of 30 years and 65 years. The mean age of the patients in the study is 54.5 8.4 years. Similar study by Li = 0.35). For comparison among groups and to find an association between uric acid levels and CIMT, quartiles were computed based on uric acid levels. There were 27 patients grouped into first quartile and second quartile with uric acid levels ranging from 1.7 mg/dL to 3.3 mg/dL and 3.4 mg/dl to 4.1 mg/dl, respectively. About 25 patients were grouped into third quartile with uric acid levels ranging from 4.2 mg/dL to.

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